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Nail Technician

Have you been searching for a great Nail Salon, or Nail Artist in

Makeup Artist

Fully qualified Makeup Artist based in North Wales. Naked Wellbeing has Makeup Artists

Hairdresser & Stylist

Hairdresser and stylist based in North Wales. We love working with you to

Let’s Get Naked

Thank you for visiting us. We are your elegant local beauty professionals, for your nails and makeup. Our range of beauty services include; Acrylic Nails, Nail Art, Gel Colour and Make Up. We create your perfect look and style, with the utmost elegance.  Let us help you to show off your best self.    What Do We Mean By "Let's Get Naked"? Let's be very clear! We don't mean this literally! So, please don't strip down to your Birthday suit, when you first meet us! That would be embarrassing for all! Our meaning of "Let's Get Naked", is to strip back and simplify