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Let’s Get Naked

Thank you for visiting us. We offer a range of ethical health and beauty services, for better wellbeing. These services include; Acrylic Nails, Nail Art, Gel Colour, Make Up, Hair and Fitness. Our ethos is to create health and beauty from the inside out. Similarly, we create your perfect look and style, with the utmost elegance and subtlety. As a result, you achieve a beautiful style, that brings out the best in you.

We believe that beauty products should be used subtly, to show off your best self. Similarly, we believe that health and fitness should be about exactly that, ‘health and fitness’. Therefore, we focus our personal training on optimal health and functional movement.


What Do We Mean By “Let’s Get Naked”?

Let’s be very clear! We don’t mean this literally! So, please don’t strip down to your Birthday suit, when you first meet us! That would be embarrassing for all!

Our meaning of “Let’s Get Naked”, is to strip back and simplify your beauty. You’re already beautiful. To clarify, we believe that their are two types of beauty professionals and individuals. The first being somebody whom hides behind health and beauty products, to cover up insecurities and low self-esteem. Then, there are the second type. Those whom recognise their own natural beauty and also recognise the same natural beauty in others. From that place, these latter individuals elegantly use health and beauty products subtly and in a manner that brings out the best in themselves and others.

Which type of person do you aspire to be?

So, “Let’s Get Naked” and strip back your beauty, bringing out the very best and most beautiful YOU!


Health and Beauty Services

Our beauty services include the following: Acrylic Nails, Nail Art, Gel Colour, Make Up and Hair. Our health and personal training includes; Reduce Body Fat/Weight Loss, Hypertrophy/Increase Muscle Mass, Cardio Vascular Endurance, Muscular Strength and Endurance, Range of Motion and Flexibility, Functional and Sport Specific Fitness, Posture Corrective Exercise and Nutritional Advice and Guidance.

All of our team, are fully trained and certified in their perspective roles.