Healthy Eating


You are what you eat!

As part of your fitness activities, our Naked Wellbeing Personal Trainer will provide advice and tips to help fine-tune your diet for healthy eating. Nutrition is an essential part of training and must form part of any serious training plan. Fad diets DO NOT work, only healthy eating will lead to sustainable fat loss. Our personal trainers will give you the best advice to help suit your lifestyle, time constraints and training goals.

Here are some tips to get you on your way to healthy eating…

What to Increase:
– Meat, Fish, Eggs (lean protein)
– Leafy Green Vegetables
– Root Vegetables
– Wholegrains
– Good Fats (Olive oil/Coconut oil/Butter)
– Water
– Local, fresh and unprocessed foods

What to Decrease:
– Sugar (Fizzy drinks, cakes, sweets etc)
– White Bread, white Pasta, white rice
– Caffeine
– Bad fats (Trans fats, hydrogenated vegetable oils, take away food!)
– Processed foods

Everybody’s diet is different and because of biochemical diversity, everybody’s diet requirements differ slightly too. The above is just a guide and our advice is to make frequent, small, steady changes to fine-tune your diet, to a diet that benefits you. Make at least one change today!

Healthy Eating VS Health Supplements

Lastly, there are no substitutes for a healthy diet. However, sometimes it is necessary to supplement our diet to ensure optimal health. Life is full of physical and emotional challenges, which can drain our bodies and leave us vulnerable to injury or illness. Therefore, we recommend paying attention to what your body needs and arming yourself with knowledge of various vitamin, minerals and other health supplements available. There are many companies that offer an array of products, which promise many health benefits. Though, as health and fitness professionals, Naked Wellbeing recommend choosing high quality supplements and use sparingly for your current needs and objectives. i.e. Seek professional medical advice and supplement only to what your body needs.